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Al-Qaeda’s 9/11 Message: Rise Against The Global Order, Rise Against The Christian West, They Will Never Defeat The Spirit Of Jihad

Shayka Ayman Al Zawahiri

Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri: “It is absolutely out of the question that the US will defeat the spirit of Jihad in the Islamic nation – the same spirit that defeated the US in the battlefield, as well as in the war of ideas. In the battlefield, the US was defeated and withdrew from Iraq, under the pressure of the strikes of the mujahideen … These are the mujahideen upon whom Allah has bestowed the honor of shattering America’s plan to take over the Middle East… In Afghanistan, the US has begun its withdrawal, leaving its collaborators to the fate of their predecessors in Vietnam and Iran. In the Arab countries, the US-proxy regimes have fallen one after the other, and the US is out of breath, trying to contain the volcano of Arab rage. It is encouraging that these regimes have begun to collapse prior to the American withdrawal from Afghanistan and Iraq, whereas the Soviet-backed regimes of the Warsaw Pact started to collapse only after the Russian withdrawal from Afghanistan. This indicates that the US is in a state of extreme weakness, which may even exceed that of the USSR in its final days. Hence, the change to come will be even greater …

The strength of Al-Qaeda does not lie in its numbers or in its equipment, which cannot be compared to those of the Western empire of evil. The strength of Al-Qaeda lies in its message to the Islamic nation and to the oppressed in this world. The message is: Rise against the global order of injustice, against international arrogance, and against worldwide theft. Rise against the polytheist [Christian] regime, which worships materialism, power, interests, and pleasure. Rise against the international Satanic legitimacy, which supports the oppressor rather than the oppressed, the slayer rather than the slain, and the thief rather than his victim.” Full Report.


Islamists emerge in force in new Libya

Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images - Abdel Hakim Belhaj, commander of the Tripoli Military Council, is now responsible for keeping order in Tripoli. He was formerly the emir of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was considered a terrorist organization by the United States.

From The Washington Post…

Although it went largely unnoticed during the tumultuous civil war the regime lost last month, Islamists were at the heart of the fight, many as rebel commanders. Now some are clashing with secularists within the rebels’ Transitional National Council, prompting worries among some liberals that the Islamists — who still command the bulk of fighters and weapons — could use their strength to assert an even more dominant role.

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Heavy Gunfire and Bombing In Libyan Capital As Rebels and NATO Look To Seize Control (Video)

From The Telegraph…

The rebels entered Zawiyah, a city along the coastal highway 30 miles west of Tripoli earlier this week.
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Geopolitical Risk Is Back As Libya And Israel Make Headlines

US Positioning of Naval Assets (Click to enlarge)

From ZeroHedge…

As if the global liquidity crunch was not bad enough (as we enter a vacation sleepy week, the key report on Monday will be the ECB’s bond purchase update for last week – we estimate another E30 billion in secondary market monetizations, in addition to how many banks pulled dollars from the ECB in the 7 day liquidity providing operation on Wednesday as occurred first last week), geopolitical risk is back after headlines from both Libya and Israel indicate that the Levant region is on the verge of systemic instability once again…

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