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[Informative Debate] Is the Islamic Nation more worthy of Jesus then all others?


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Lib Pastor Jim Wallis: ‘American Exceptionalism…Is a Heresy…& It‘s Very Dangerous’

Jim Wallis

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The Blaze…

Pastor Jim Wallis isn’t one to candy-coat his views about Jesus and the Bible. Wallis, who is revered as the modern-day father of the “Christian left,” has urged believers to embrace the Occupy Wall Street movement and has made his own, personal quest for social justice known. He continues to allege that the protesters who insist that they are “the 99 percent” are people who “stand with Jesus.”

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Is President Obama Correct: Is America No Longer a Christian Nation?


by David Barton

Over the past several years, President Barack Obama has repeatedly claimed that America is not a Christian nation. He asserted that while a U. S. Senator, 1 repeated it as a presidential candidate, 2 and on a recent presidential trip to Turkey announced to the world that Americans “do not consider ourselves a Christian nation.” 3 (He made that announcement in Turkey because he said it was “a location he said he chose to send a clear message.” 4 ) Then preceding a subsequent trip to Egypt, he declared that America was “one of the largest Muslim countries in the world” 5 (even though the federal government’s own statistics show that less than one-percent of Americans are Muslims. 6

The President’s statements were publicized across the world but received little attention in the American media. Had they been carried here, the President might have been surprised to learn that nearly two-thirds of Americans currently consider America to be a Christian nation 7 and therefore certainly might have taken exception with his remarks. But regardless of what today’s Americans might think, it is unquestionable that four previous centuries of American leaders would definitely take umbrage with the President’s statements.

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Liberal Pastor [Obama Faith Advisor] Jim Wallis: America Is ‘Not a Christian Nation — It‘s Never Been a Christian Nation’

The Blaze…

Pastor Jim Wallis’ support for the Occupy Wall Street movement and his leftist inclinations are widely documented. The progressive pastor, who has served as a faith adviser to President Barack Obama, is no stranger to controversy. In an interview that will air nationwide at Lifetree Café locations in the coming days, Wallis made some startling statements about America’s history and heritage.

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Obama‘s Faith Advisory Council Has ’Gone Dark’ & Stagnant as Fight With Religious Groups Ramps Up

From The Blaze…

It’s no secret that President Barack Obama is facing an uphill battle among people of faith. Sure, some religious progressives may agree wholeheartedly with his administration’s decision to mandate that religiously-affiliated institutions violate their consciences. But the resounding voices standing against this regulation and speaking out in favor of religious freedom may pose quite a problem for the nation’s leader as he seeks out a second term in November.

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Report: Egypt imposes Cairo curfew after at least 23 killed in clashes

Egyptian Christians clash with soldiers and riot police during a protest against an attack on a church in southern Egypt, in Cairo October 9, 2011. Photo by: Reuters

From Haaretz…

Egypt’s army rulers imposed a curfew on Cairo’s Tahrir Square and downtown area, state media announced on Sunday, after at least 23 people were reported killed in clashes between Christians and military police in the centre of the capital.

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Reza Kahlili: ‘Why I renounce Islam and choose Christ’

By: Reza Kahlili…


The radical mullahs who rule Iran want me dead, first for betraying my country as a member of the Revolutionary Guards who spied for the CIA, and now for renouncing the religion that allows them to cling to their tyranny…

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